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Pygmy Marmosets. Image Credit: Houston Zoo.

According to the definition at Primate Info Net an alloparent is defined as any individual other than the parent that assists in the care of dependent young, the individual may or may not be genetically related to the young.

Alloparental care -the care of other's offspring- is a key aspect of sociality in many groups of animals. Understanding how this complex behavior arises requires identifying both the selective forces that may favor it, as well as characteristics of particular lineages that facilitate or hinder its evolution. (Samuk & Aviles, 2013)

There are numerous examples of alloparenting seen in primates , particularly [[1]]. Other organisms - such as prairie voles , [Sea Lions], [Gerbils] and spiders - demonstrate this also.

Alloparenting touches on a variety of topics of interest to those studying evolutionary behavior including kin selection, inclusive fitness, and altruism.

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