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Inner Life Of A Cell - Full Version

Inner Life of a Cell

Biomedical art is a wonderful application of two different fields. This is a great profession for people who are proficient in both fields of science as well as art. It helps to have strong backgrounds in both fields because in order to draw or create animations that show a living organism it helps to know why the organism functions the way it does. 

Biomedical artists bring to life many everyday functions that help everyday people to understand how they work. They are the people who create the pictures in textbooks as well as animations for the Discovery Channel or National Geographic.  

Evolution and Society[]

In the final discussion (Discussion 6) of this class the focus was on evolution and society; how does evolution apply to our society today? 

An article by Hazer et al. (2012) discusses how biomedical art has helped to advance human knowledge and understanding of science. The focus of their study was to view different tissues to see how they function. The scientists were also looking at a material Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs). It is used as a polymer and is natural, biodegradable, and can be made from renewable resources. 

Being able to look and study the insides of cells and the human body has helped scientists to continue to find ways to save more lives and educate future generations. 


Hazer, D., Kilicay, E., & Hazer, B. (2012). Poly(3-hydroxyalkanoate)s: Diversification and biomedical applications A state of the art review. Materials Science & Engineering C – Materials For Biological Applications, 32(4), 637-647. 

Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA)[]

A biomedical art degree is an availiable program at the CIA. The link to their website is found below. It has a great display of some of the students work as well as information about the program itself. It is amazing to see these images and remember that humans did not know this much information about life ten years ago, but today people are able to create these fantastic images that help others to understand and learn more about life.