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Coevolution is defined by the evolution of two or more species, each adapting to changes in the other. Most commonly found in prey-predator relationships or between insect-pollinated plants and their pollinators. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). 

Culture Co-evolution[]

Ancient drawings has shown close relationships between humans and animals for the last 30,000 years. The interaction between humans and other social species (e.g. non-human primates, canids, cetaceans, or birds) , who also have the ability to evolve culture can initiate cultural evolution. These cultural evolutions may include genetic fitness, migrations, or societal choice and imposition (Marzluff, Angell etc.) . 


The human invasion on our oceans has led to close interactions between people and dolphins. It has been observed that bottlenose dolphins off the coast of Belize herd fish into fishermans nets, and then feed on the stunned fish. A learned behavior that they have now past down to their young for 3 generations. 




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Dolphin Assisted Fishing