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Ecotype - variants of a particular species adapted to a specific locale or set of environmental conditions v Example:

Earthworms occupy four different ecotypes.

-Compost earthworm prefer warm and moist environments with a ready supply of fresh compost material.

-Epigeic earthworms live on the surface of the soil in leaf litter and tend not to make burrows.

-Endogeic earthworms live in and feed on the soil, making horizontal burrows through the soil to move around and to feed.

-Anecic earthworms make permanent vertical burrows in soil, feeding on leaves on the soil surface that they drag into their burrows.

Ecotypes are closely related to "morphs" and some scientists consider them equivalant to "subspecies" in the classification system.

Another example is the tundra reindeer and the forested reindeer, two ecotypes of reindeer. Tundra reindeer have five subspecies and forested reindeer have two subspecies.