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source: http://.evoution.berkeley.edu.


a feature that performs a function but that was not produced by natural selection for its current use. 

Example: feathers/penguins[]

A good example of an exaptation is the use of feathers because originally feathers were meant to provide insulation y natural selection to bird, but overtime feathers became a feature that allowed for birds to fly.  Also, the penguin being a flightless bird was given wings that were meant to fly but overtime they converted to flippers which allows it to swim in the oceans.

Example: sutures[]

Another example is found in the skulls of vetebrates.  Skulls contain sutures which are joints that fuse over time.  Their purpose is allow for growth & development of the brain, but they also enable an easier birthing process aloowing the compression of the skull when the offspring is passing through the birth canal.

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