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Orthogenesis - using Merriam-Webster, evolution that is pre-destined in direction & not influenced by external factors

Altruism - White-fronted Bee-eater[]

Being altruistic can be quite the challenge, but there is a species of that is proving this strategy has its benefits.  According to Emlen & Wrege (1988)

2 bee eater

White-fronted Bee-eater (Merops bullockoides)

, the White-fronted Bee-eater sacrifices energy & time to care for its relatives young offspring.  By doing this, it might delay its individual success in reproduction, by maybe not.  Ultimately this behavior promotes the "family" genes to go on, which in terms of evolution is a success.  But another component that is helpful is the individual who cares for family members gets a "practice run" so to speak & if the opportunity presents itself for the individual to have their own offspring, they potentially will be better caregivers.


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