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Genetics, genomics and evolution of flowering time control in legumes -- research by Dr Jim Weller

Source: Weller, 2013

Genetics and Genomics are often used interchangably, but they are very different.


Genetics is the study of a individual genes and traits and the part they play in inheritance (Center for Genomics and Public Health, n.d).  Gregor Mendel studied the genetics of color and height in pea plants (Center for Genomics and Public Health, n.d).  His work was possible because these traits were only controlled by one gene. 


Genomics is the study of how genes work together with the enviornment (Genome British Columbia, 2004).  Genomics is important because many diseases and traits are controlled by the interaction of multiple genes.  Environmental factors and an individuals behavior also play an important role in genomics and how and when genes are expressed (Center for Genomics and Public Health, n.d).

Working Together[]

Although genetics and genomics are very different, they are intertwined.  Genome British Columbia (2004) uses the expamle of a zoomed in and zoomed out picture.  Both angles are often very important to knowledge and understand and work together to give the complete picture.


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