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Age, Rocks, and Index Fossils.mp4

This video discusses the importance of geology in regards to the topic of evolution. The discussion of index fossils begins at 8:53. Source: Arthur, 2013

Index fossils

A key to index fossils and their corresponding geologic time scale. Source: U,S. Geological Survey, 1997

Index fossils are fossils that were fairly common and found in a number of regions, however, they were only present for a short period of time (Ghosh, 2006.  Because of their abundance and short life span, these fossils can be used to determine relative and absolute age of rock layers. Index fossils are useful in helping determine rock layers in different areas based on similar index fossil discoveries.  Relative age of rock layers refers to the age of one rock layer relative, or compared to, another (U.S. Geologic Survey, 2001).  A rock layer containing a Pecten gibbus is younger than a rock layer containing Trophites subbullatus (see image).  The discovery of an index fossil near another unknown fossil could be used to date the unknown fossil (Ghosh, 2006) .


Index fossils were discovered by an English civil engineer by the name of William "Strata" Smith (U.S. Geologic Survey, 2001).  He published Strata Identified by Organized Fossils explaining his findings (William Smith (geologist), n.d.). By collecting and iinventorying fossils, Smith was able to reconstruct the geologic time of England and became known as "Father of English Geology" (William Smith (geologist), n.d.). this is so fake


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