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This is a diagram showing some possible Metapopulation Structures

I was first exposed to the word Metapopulation while researching for my final paper for IE. I had to look up the definition to be sure I really know what it meant, so I figured it would be a good one to share. The funny thing was once I looked it up I saw this word used in many articles, so I am sure I have seen it a bunch of times and never really knew what it meant until now. Hope this helps a few others too :)


According to Encyclopadea Britannica metapopulation is defined as: 

"A regional group of connected populations of a species. For a given species,each metapopulation is continually being motified by increases (births and immigrations) and decreases (deaths and emigrations) of individuals, as well as the emergence and dissolution of local populations contained within it."


Where it started[]

This source was the article that exposed me to the word Metapopulation:

Proctor, M., Paetkau, D., Mcclellan, B., & Stenhouse, G., Kendall, K.C., Mace, R.D., Kasworm, W.F., Servheen,C ., Lausen, .C.L., Gibeau, M.L., Wakkinen,W.L., Harldson, M.A., Mowat, G., Apps, C.D., Ciarniello, L.M., Barclay, R.M.R., Boyce, M.S., Schwartz, C.C., & Strobeck, C.   (2012). Population Fragmentation and Inter-Ecosystem Movements of Grizzly Bears in Western Canada and the Northern United States. Wildlife Monographs, 180, 1-46.