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A change in the sequence of one or more nucleotides in DNA. Such changes can alter the structure of proteins or the regulation of protein production. In some cases mutations result in the organism possessing these altered traits to have a greater or lesser chance of surviving and reproducing in a given environment than other members of its species.

Mutations can be posirive,negative or even have no effect on the organism. Some mutations sow up in the phoetype other  do not. Some mutation scan cause big changes in the phenotype.  Phenotype is the visibale ofrm of the trait, blue eyes or blond  hair.  In  the town of Olney Illinios, they had one white albino squirrel, it passed on its mutation to its offspring and now they have a whole town of albino squirrels.  They even have a town festival for white squirrels.


The Olney White Squirrels

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