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Harvey Fineberg Are we ready for neo-evolution?

This is by far the best video I can find that addresses the role of human influence towards evolution.


Neoevolution aims to provide a sociological perspective on the theory of evolution. It looks specifically at rates of evolutionary change and directional evolution. It is commonly discussed in the context of human social evolution. Neoevolution has received much criticism and has been the center of much debate about its lack of scientific evidence.

Sułkowski, Ł. (2012). Neoevolutionism–the new paradigm of the social sciences?. of Intercultural, 4(2), 5-18. http://www.joim.pl/pdf/JOIM_4_2.pdf#page=5

TED Talk[]


I wasn't able to attach this as a video so you'll have to click on the link, but minute 11-12 specifically address neoevolution.