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Phylogeny and Phylogentic Trees


An example of a phylogeny tree. http://academic.reed.edu/biology/courses/BIO342/2011_syllabus/2011_websites/CWEFEL_cephalopods/images/phylogenymollvschor.gif

My Definition[]

history of genetics from generation to generation. Evolution is a process whereby populations are altered over time and may split into separate branches, hybridize together, or terminate by extinction. The evolutionary branching process may be depicted as a phylogenetic tree, and the place of each of the various organisms on the tree is based on a hypothesis about the sequence in which evolutionary branching events occurred.

Tree of Life[]

The website Tree of Life provides a wonderful illustration and explanation of phylogenyTree of Life.


A clade is known as a single branch on the "tree of life". the term was first used by Julian Huxley in 1957. It is a group consisting of an organism and all is descants, extinct and extant, that share a common ancestor.These groups are more closely related to each other than members of other clades, also known asmonophyletic .

CladogramThe red and blue boxes at right and left represent clades (i.e., complete branches). The green box in the middle is not a clade, but rather represents anevolutionary grade, an incomplete group,