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Dispersal vicariance

These are easy to understand example of speciation by vicariance and dispersal. (Srour, 2012)

Allopatric Speciation[]

Allopatric speciation is another way of saying speciation by geographic isolation.  Something such as river or other physical barrier causes separation between two groups, causing isolation.  This eventually causes lineage to speciate, after the two groups can no longer mate with one another.[]

Video & Picture[]

The video posted about the salamders is a great example of allopatric speciation.  These salamaders have been separated through allopatric speciation and now live across the state of California.  

Another Video

Here is another video about Speciation looking at different types of birds. 


6 subspecies Tassel-eared squirrels

Map showing the distribution of the six subspecies of tassel-eared squirrels in the southwestern United States and Mexico. Image Credit: Allred, S. (2010). The Natural History of Tassel-Eared Squirrels. Albuquerque, NM: University of New Mexico Press. Retrieved October 2, 2013, from Project MUSE database.