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Me processing a black wolf around Ely, MN for Dave Mech's research.(Don't worry! He's just asleep!)


When the people who know me think of me, they think of wolves and reptiles. Weird combination right? Well during undergrad, my mentor and director of my wildlife biology program, happened to be a herpetologist. He had over 70  species (230+ animals at a given time) of reptiles which I had a privilege to care for and use for reptile shows for people of all ages. From that experience, I developed a love for all things scaly and enjoy flipping rocks and logs to see what I can find. Also, during undergrad I started volunteering for a non-profit educational wolf facility where I cared for a pack of socialized wolves and did public programs. That fueled my already existing fascination for wolves (and canids in general), and pushed me to pursue an internship working for Dave Mech in MN, collaring wolves for his research. Since then, I have been obsessed with field work and studying carnivores, canids in particular. When I'm not being a zoology nerd, I can be found hanging with my horse Max (hes my icon pic), who has been in my life for 15 years. :)

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