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Caterpillar 'talking' from walking by Nature Video

Vibrational Communication in Perga affinis larvae, and other behaviors displayed by caterpillars[]

Some time ago, I watched a program that included the Perga affinis, also called Spitfires-Australian sawfly larvae. I cannot find the video anywhere, but was amazed at the communication among them. The video showed vibrational communications in which the larvae would tap the leaf or branch the group was on until one of the "stragglers" would catch up. That is my non-scietnfic description. I really wish I could find the video! I added a different video about catepillar behavior instead, that is not specific to my topic. The image below IS of the Perga affinis.

Perga affinis


Image credit: © Arthur Chapman

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Perga affinis EOL © Arthur Chapman Source: Flickr: EOL Images

Source: Flickr: EOL Images

You can read more:

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Video Reference:

Stoddart, C. (2010). Catepillar 'talking' from walking: by Nature Video. Retrieved from


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